CS995 Carbon Sulfur Analyzer

CS995 Type High-frequency Infrared Carbon & Sulfur Analyzer compatible applying with WF-T88 Type High frequency automatic inductive combustion furnace, can fleetly and exactly measure the carbon and sulfur in steel, iron, alloy, nonferrous metals, cement, ore and other materials. This equipment is a high-tech products integrate light, motor, electronic, computer and analysis technology, with features of wide measuring scope, strong anti interference, multiple function, easy to operate, accurate and reliable analysis result.

Infrared Detection Unit

Circuit Design: The modularized design with double CPU for the whole frame is divided into the upper and lower levels while the electronic circuits are highly integrated stably and reliably; in the meantime the multilevel hidden-type isolated circuit is employed so that it is free from HF interference.
Power: The linear close-coupled modular power block ensures stable output without fault.
Light source: The  tailor-made  new  model  platinum  infrared  light  source  has  lasting caloricity and efficient spectral property.
Analysis cell: The gilded carbon & sulfur analysis cell is fit with the high precision TSC infrared detector (10-11); it is also possible to have the double-carbon cell or the double- carbon & double-sulfur cell fit out at the client’s request.
Motor: The special-purpose aviation modulation motor is applied with satisfactory thermal stability whose life expectancy exceeds 100,000 hours.

High-frequency combustion system

Radio circuit: The design of high-duty radio circuit and the application of 2.2KVA HF pliotron. frequency : 20MHz
  Military-purpose ceramic vacuum tubes and ceramic vacuum capacitors.
  HF control circuit: It is used for automatic detection of the electromagnetic valve, the elevation or descent of cylinder and the performance of HF unit.
  Automatic overtime/overflow alarming system enables the HF furnace to work under normal condition.
  The optional current/voltage/power regulator for furnace temperature control: It is applicable to samples of various materials.

Analytical gas path system

Gas path: The high precision flow controller ensures the stability of gas flow as well the gas intake system (such as electromagnetic valves, unions, cylinder hoists) for automatic leakage detection.
  Dual standard correction for solid and gas
De-dusting unit: The combustion head self-cleaning device effective for reducing the influence of dust for the result of analysis; ash removing system for the inlet.
  0.4 μm submicron metal filter secures thorough separation of dust from gas and can be used for a long time with no need of the ultrasonic cleaner.

operational software

Operational software: Adopt Deliph software compiler , WINDOWS XP english operating software.
Analysis channel: Providing  channel  management  features,  the  carbon  and  sulfur channels are free to increase, delete and edit, no limit.
Analysis function: Analysis of the dynamic data, sampling every 20 times, improving the analysis sensitivity and analysis accuracy, providing sample management features, it can edit the sample name and logo, also can increase and delete samples, the software provides a user management system, the administrator setting different user permissions.
Display function: The Carbon sulfur has a curve respectively,
Data processing function: Adopt ACCESS data pool store the analysis results, can store all data and curve; Query the analysis results optionally, query according to the time, sample name, logo and operator. Provide  some  function  as  data  storage,  blank  deduction,  setting parameter, choosing channel, statistics, and curve Compare etc. In the  software can  create the work  curve of carbon  and sulfur, realizing the curve fitting。
Printing function: Print mode is diversification, Provide two print modes of laboratory and testing, also can design printing formats
self-diagnose function: System  diagnosis  function,can  test  furnace  head  and  the  gas chamber sealing by the software.