JB-EDX8800 XRF Spectrometer

EDX8800E absorbs all the advantages of EDX series and is additionally equipped with vacuum system, so that it expands testing scope, improves the detection limit and enhances the data stability.
Product Features :
1.The silicon draft detector imported from America with higher energy resolution largely improves the detection .
2.Limit of light elements which is 100 times higher than that of Si-pin detector. Measurement scope is wider which can almost meet element analysis requirements of all conventional material.
3.Data integration processing system imported from America makes data acquisition faster, measurement more stable with excellent repeatability and long-time stability.
4.Up-to-date software integrating multiple image computering methods makes data measurement more accurate and stable.
5.Software full monitors core parts running ensures safe operation.
6.Specialized vacuum system offers better vacuum performance and excellent testing results.