• AA320N Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer

    AA320N Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer
      AAS320 Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer is applied to micro and trace metallic elements test, covering over 30 elements. The instrument has simple structure, provides fast test, with good repeatability and less interference, especially suitable for testing Cu, Zn, K, Na, Au, Ag, etc.
  • JB-1000 ICP Spectrometer

    JB-1000 ICP Spectrometer
    • Measure elements more than seventy that diversified from micro-analysis to constant analysis
    • Wide-ranging application in geologic,metallurgy, thulium, plating, cement,oil,chemical, environmental detection, non-ferrous metals metal, physic sanitation, food, agriculture, scientific research, college and mine factory etc
  • W330 Portable Pyrometer

    W330 Portable Pyrometer
    • Convenient to take
    • Offer small spot sizes, maximum value storage, and temperature indicators
  • Thermocouple

    • Temperature measurement
  • Tungsten Flux/Tungsten Accelerator

    Tungsten Flux/Tungsten Accelerator
    • Flux or accelerator for carbon sulfur analyzer
    • Consumables for carbon sulfur analyzer.