• MPJ-1A Sample Grinding Machine

    MPJ-1A Sample Grinding Machine
      Type MPJ-1A metallographic sample polishing machine is mainly used for surface spectral analysis sample and metal, ceramic, glass and other devices such as polishing. The machine has compact structure, single disc and double speed, can be equipped with different grain size, hardness, abrasive grinding wheel piece; the machine smooth rotation, low noise, convenient operation, high work efficiency,metallographic test applicable to factories, scientific research units.
  • ONH-3A Oxygen Nitrogen Hydrogen Analyzer

    ONH-3A Oxygen Nitrogen Hydrogen Analyzer
    • Simultaneous oxygen/nitrogen or oxygen/hydrogen determination with inert gas fusion technique
    • Closed gas management and optimized gas circulation
    • Flexible configurations and measuring ranges
  • W330 Portable Pyrometer

    W330 Portable Pyrometer
    • Convenient to take
    • Offer small spot sizes, maximum value storage, and temperature indicators
  • Thermocouple

    • Temperature measurement
  • Tungsten Flux/Tungsten Accelerator

    Tungsten Flux/Tungsten Accelerator
    • Flux or accelerator for carbon sulfur analyzer
    • Consumables for carbon sulfur analyzer.