• JB-EDX8300 XRF Spectrometer

    JB-EDX8300 XRF Spectrometer
    • Suitable for ROHS,toy safety,electronics,ceramics and plastics,leather jewelry,environmental protection,food safety,plating thickness,metal alloy etc
    • Si-pin detectors with high accuracy
    • Measurable element:element S (sulfur) - element U (uranium),total 75 elements
  • JB-EDX8800 XRF Spectrometer

    JB-EDX8800 XRF Spectrometer
      EDX8800E absorbs all the advantages of EDX series and is additionally equipped with vacuum system, so that it expands testing scope, improves the detection limit and enhances the data stability.
  • JB-P3000 XRF Handheld Analyzer

    JB-P3000 XRF Handheld Analyzer
      Application: 1. Stainless steel grade test 2. Alloy elements analysis 3. Ore analysis 4. Soil environmental monitoring 5. ROHS+halogen